Behavioral Research 

Understanding psychology of Internet behavior on TINDER



This project was undertaken as part of our Understanding Social Behavior module where in we studied the virtual behaviors which are exhibited on online platforms and further we dug deeper to identify the drivers triggering those behaviors. During the course of the study which included the primary and secondary research on the chosen platform which was -Tinder- an online location based dating application, we formulated a hypothesis which was later tested by simulation experiments conducted on subjects.
The above exercise helped us to identify the drivers which were triggering some repeated actions. This provided us key insights to create a brief and further conceptualize a better platform or provide some improvement parameters for the existing ones.

Key Learnings

  • Behavioral Design

  • Behavior Mapping

  • Netnographic Research Tool

  • Service Conceptualization

tinderREVISEDinfo (1).png

Complete Study


Saurabh Singh - SDM'17  |  Barsha Saikia - SDM'17

National Institute of Design  

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