User research and design internship @ Dunzo 

Dunzo is an e-commerce platform that is making local transactions and supply chain more efficient through technology, by connecting users to the nearest delivery partner for local deliveries.

It connects businesses across the entire ecosystem and empowers them with everything they need to grow - from driving orders, logistics and marketing to inventory management, distribution and demand forecasting. For users, it offers a full-stack of services across commerce, courier, and commute.


My role

During my 4-month internship in Dunzo, I worked along with user-side product lead and the design team to understand the value perception of Dunzo amongst its different user groups which included extensive qualitative and quantitative user research to come up with identifiable and representative user personas.

Further, to identify the core issues and problems in the overall service communication and delivery I mapped the user journeys of all the product categories for different user personas; followed by insights, competitor benchmarking, solution ideations, feature ideas which resulted in formulating a product (User experience) debt for the company.


This internship project was undertaken as a part of graduation project requirements for my post-graduate degree at the National Institute of Design, for which the scope of the project is extended to studying the factors that impact the usage and adoption of similar such intra-logistics services in different geographies of India and thus identifying the opportunity areas to serve users.

As this project in under a Non-discloser agreement with DUNZO, I would not be able to share any further details regarding the process undertaken and its outcomes. However, will be glad to share my learnings from the project once we connect.